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Social Media Begins With Listening

Five Things About Social Media SuccessThis past weekend I had the honor of being featured with a “Five Things” story in the Des Moines Register’s business section. In the article, titled “Five things about social media success,” I described some of the basic tenants I’ve come to believe about garnering success in social media.

  1. Listening never ceases.
  2. Be relevant.
  3. Accountability is key.
  4. Embrace your personality.
  5. Results take time.

Head over to the newly redesigned Des Moines Register website for the full article, penned by the always wonderful to work with Kayla Craig.

A little more about listening

The act of monitoring conversations (or “listening” as it has been so trendily named) is something we’ve been doing forever. Companies monitor phone calls for quality assurance. Store clerks monitor customer conversations to gauge satisfaction. Teachers monitor the classroom for students acting out of line. The consistent outcome from all of these activities is learning, and that’s what social listening is about too.

If you’re looking at social media with the right mindset, you’ll constantly be gathering new information and learning about how to improve what you’re doing to better serve your customers. Once you stop listening, you stop learning. When you stop learning, you stop improving. And when you stop improving, thus leading to complacency, you lose your customers. That’s why you should never stop listening, especially with social media.

Did I miss anything in my list? What else is a must-have for social media success?

Also, I owe big thanks to the editors at SmartBrief, who picked up the Des Moines Register article and included it in yesterday’s SmartBrief on Social Media email newsletter. The inclusion (my first time in SmartBrief) definitely gave me and my employer some wonderful exposure across the industry. Thanks SmartBrief!

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