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Blogs Bring Bloggers Together

Photo courtesy of Joe Hobot

For over two years now, Central Iowa has played host to a monthly event called Central Iowa Bloggers. The gatherings started with just a handful of area bloggers getting together for a morning coffee, attempting to better connect in person with those they interacted with online.

I still remember the Business Record article I read in 2007 introducing Mike Sansone and the blogonostra, once a group of strangers that met online, but now a tight knit group of laptop-wielding, business-blogging individuals. It was shortly after I saw that article that I attended my first event and started this blog, hoping to share my own thoughts on marketing as a recent college grad living in a digital world.

Two years later, I have connected to more individuals and business professionals than I could have ever imagined—all because of a slathering of words on the internet and a local Panera Bread bakery. Some of us blog about politics, some about education, others on business and internet law, and still more about marketing, branding, public relations, conversations, web strategy, and millennials.

As time has passed the group has grown, bringing in more people that want to connect with this buzzing group. Many of the newcomers don’t have blogs, but they still find value in the Central Iowa Bloggers meetings because of the sense of community and the way the group helps one another out.

On the first Friday of every month I get to spend a few hours over coffee and a breakfast sandwich with some of the brightest, most helpful, most talented, and friendliest people I know—and it all started with a few bloggers blogging.

As everyone—including myself—have gotten caught up in social media and Shiny New Object syndrome, I’m setting a goal for myself to get back to my roots and back to blogging. This is where it started and this is where it will continue.

Have you ever been to a Central Iowa Bloggers event? What do you take away from those gatherings? And if you’re a blogger, what keeps you coming back to blogging?

[Photo courtesy of Joe Hobot]

3 Responses to “Blogs Bring Bloggers Together”

  1. Pete Jones says:

    One of these days we will actually get to meet at #CIB. It is a testament to the level of conversation and people that we have yet to meet when we are in the same room.

    • You are so right, Pete. At each event I try to meet and talk with new people, but sometimes there are just too many to handle (though that’s a good thing). I’ll make sure we connect at the next event!

  2. Thanks for the HT, Mike. It’s been a joy and an honor to get to know you.

    It’s so true that the community has been strengthened through blogging. The sharing of ideas, the collaboration for “the greater good” has been inspiring.

    Here’s hoping the community keeps growing and helping our members prosper!

    Keep Cooking!
    Andrew B. Clark
    The Brand Chef

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