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Risk-takers are Inspiring

While big corporations are laying people off and America experiences the highest unemployment rates in a long time, there are still those who are willing to take risks. In fact, Iowa State University economist Liesl Eathington said the Midwest tends to see an increase in business start-ups during tough economic times as people laid off from jobs are forced to find ways to make money (Business Record).

A recent Business Record article by Sarah Bzdega profiles three Des Moines area business owners who are taking risks and have started their own businesses, and quite frankly, I’m inspired by them. I’ve been running a marketing and web strategy consultancy of my own on the side since March 2007, but never had the guts to take it full-time. And now I’ve just started a new job, which puts plans for Dosovo (and all of my other projects) even farther behind. However, these business owners (and many others like them) have given it all up for a chance to live the dream. They’re hustling. They’re making it happen.

I hope everything works out for these business owners and the hundreds/thousands of others trying to make a go of it right now. It’s these small businesses that are probably going to pull us out of this thing we’re worked ourselves into.

4 Responses to “Risk-takers are Inspiring”

  1. I am actually more fiscally secure at having started a company then where I last was employed. To give some perspective, I left an incredibly safe job at a fortune 100 hundred company over two years ago. I appreciate that decision even more as the economic troubles have continued to escalate. All things aside, and focusing purely on economics, I am in a better position at a start up then enterprise land. For example, we are growing / hiring while most are shrinking. We may be an statistical outlier, however, for us, we are thriving.

  2. Justin Brady says:

    Mike, Right you are! These big businesses got is in trouble and now it is up to the over-taxed small business owner to pull us out. Great Post!

  3. Jus says:

    Starting your own business IS living your dream not “given it all up for a chance to live the dream”.

    • I should have been clearer with my words. I’m not saying these business owners aren’t living their dreams, but rather that they gave up the “normal” career or life and have struck out on their own, even when people are saying they can’t.

      That is what is inspiring to me. It’s awesome to see people taking the leap and making a go of it, rather than just talking about it.

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