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Thoughts from Mike Templeton | Google to Launch Their Own Browser: Chrome
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Google to Launch Their Own Browser: Chrome

UPDATE: Google Chrome is now available to download.

Had I not done my due diligence in checking up on my various microblogging accounts, I might have missed out on one of the most exciting announcements from Google since we heard they were building a data center in Council Bluffs (in my home state of Iowa).

A note from Derick Jackson on Pownce mentioned, “Google ‘Chrome’ – New browser launching tomorrow. Awesome?” I followed the link to the official Google blog, where

The Modern View of the Browser

If you’ve been reading my blog at all in the past couple of months, you’ve probably noticed that I’m a Firefox fanatic. Mozilla created a browser that broke all the boundaries set by Microsoft’s luddite, yet monsterous,  Internet Explorer. Users could see different sites through tabbed windows within the browser, customize the way it looked with various themes and add any number of extensions and plugins to bend Firefox to their will, allowing it to accomplish tasks and perform feats that hadn’t been possible before.

Now, with Google Chrome, Google is looking to do the same, talking about ‘a fresh take on the browser’. Some of their main thoughts included:

  • the web has evolved from simple text pages to rich, interactive applications
  • we need a modern platform for web pages and applications
  • what kind of browser could exist if we started from scratch and built on the best elements
  • we want something that gets out of your way and gets you where you want to go

The team also describes the structure of Google Chrome as fitting in with the rest of the Google family:

Like the classic Google homepage, Google Chrome is clean and fast. We designed a browser window that is streamlined and simple.

Will Google Chrome Have a Place in my Web?

Because I have a Google account and use many of their different applications and web services, I’ll be intrigued to test out their browser and see what they’ve come up with. It was mentioned that components from both Apple’s WebKit and Mozilla’s Firefox were included in the development, which means we just may see something that takes the best parts from everywhere and combines them all into one, not to mention it will probably interface well with your Google account and all of the services they offer.

Recently I’ve been testing several different browsers, trying to find something I could use in place of Firefox for all of the extra projects that I have going, like Microblink, which has a host of different user accounts on different websites, all being used to market that website. Rather than logging out of personal accounts and then into the Microblink accounts, it’s much easier just to perform all tasks related to Microblink in a different browser, keeping cookies, cache and passwords separate. Flock seems to be performing very well as the answer to that solution, and it’s built on the Firefox framework (which I love), but maybe Google has a player that could fit that bill as well. Only time will tell.

Google Chrome is Coming, but its not Done Yet

The beta version of Google Chrome launches tomorrow in over 100 countries (think about all of the translation work that had to happen on that project). For now, you can check out the comic book on Google Books that outlines the browser and its functions. Good luck getting in though, as it appears to be getting hit with a ton of traffic at the moment, everyone trying to get an early glimpse of Google’s latest gamechanger.

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