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Firefox 3 is Here and the Internet is a Better Place

June 17, 2008, marked the release date for Mozilla’s latest stable version of everyone’s favorite browser, Firefox 3. As part of the roll out for the new release, Firefox organized an impressive campaign at Spread Firefox to get the word out and to try to set a new world record for the most software downloaded in 24 hours.

The World Record

After the stopwatch stopped ticking, over 8,000,000 downloads of Firefox 3 had been recorded, easily more  downloads than they have ever had in a single day. The Guiness Book of World Records is currently reviewing the attempt.

The Campaign

In a market where Firefox is already powering 39.8% of all internet browsing, the release for Firefox 3 was a change for Mozilla to launch themselves even farther into the fight for browser supremacy.

Spread Firefox Campaign Website

The campaign website, an offshoot from Spread Firefox, included several promotional components and an interactive pledge map where users could sign up and pledge to download FF3 on Download Day.

The Browser

So I’ve talked about all the hub-bub and excitement (see what people are saying about FF3 on Twitter), but what about the browser itself? I’m glad you asked.

FF3 defines they’re key areas of focus around new features, security, productivity and customization. There are 15,000 new improvements to this release, including instant site ID, improved rendering performance, over 5,000 add-ons and the highly acclaimed Awesome Bar.

The Awesome Bar has got to be one of my favorite additions to this browser. Deb Richardson does a great job explaining it in her post:

Dubbed the “AwesomeBar”, it lets you use the URL field of your browser to do a keyword search of your history and bookmarks. No longer do you have to know the domain of the page you’re looking for — the AwesomeBar will match what you’re typing (even multiple words!) against the URLs, page titles, and tags in your bookmarks and history, returning results sorted by “frecency” (an algorithm combining frequency + recency).

Get Firefox

If you’re still browsing in the stone age or are tired of how numb Internet Explorer is to your personal preferences, download Firefox 3 and be surprised. We’re at 16,339,047 downloads and growing…

Firefox 3

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