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Slight URL Malfunction

Not really, but if you’re reading this post that means you must have found the blog at its new URL, http://mikethoughts.com.

Earlier this afternoon I was migrating some RSS feeds from my Bloglines account into Google Reader and I got to thinking about the name of my blog. Most of the (good) blogs out there have catchy names and URLs, but I’d never come up with anything for my own. I went with the easy http://miketempleton.info and just had “Mike Templeton’s Blog” listed as the title. Sure it works, but as a marketer and creative thinker, I thought my blog deserved better than that.

Deciding to think of something creative is much easier than actually coming up with something creative though. As one of probably millions of Mike’s in the world, most of the great domain names have already been scooped up. Not to be discouraged, I dove deep into thought and started punching ideas into my GoDaddy search bar. One idea after another, they were all taken.

Next I started examining what my blog was about. It is a personal blog, but I try to keep it on somewhat informative and useful topics. Most of my entries are things I am thinking about during the day or while driving to work, but the blog allows me to type them out and share with others. These entries were my thoughts spilled out on the keyboard. They were “Mike Thoughts.” And so my new domain and blog name were chosen.

I’ve still got the http://miketempleton.info domain and will probably turn it into an information lookup about myself (contact details, account names, services I participate in, etc.).

I ended up having to rework my permalink structure and reset the Google Analytics, but luckily my blog had only been running for a few months, so the damage will be minimal. I ended up purchasing the domain name, adjusting my nameservers, moving WordPress and setting up the domain map all in about 30 minutes. GoDaddy is very quick during normal business hours and I’ve got to thank them for that.

Please adjust your bookmarks, blogrolls and RSS feeds and I promise I’ll stay on track moving forward. :)

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