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#dmtweetup in Juice

Two weeks ago I attended a #dmtweetup at Johnny’s Hall of Fame in downtown Des Moines. The weather was great (save for the torrential rain downpour around 9pm) and Tweeps turned out in record numbers.

One thing that was new for this TweetUp was that many of the new faces were easier to identify due to @richdrake‘s ingenious idea to make name badges for everyone.

Arturo Fernandez, photo editor for Juice, was on the scene and snapped a few pictures of everyone. Juice’s article on the TweetUp just came out today.

You can see the name badge in the center of the photo and I’m the grey blob in the background to the left of the guy in the green shirt.

For more photos from the event, see photos tagged on Flickr or the group photo pool. A list of attendees is out on the wiki. Events are sorted out courtesy of Upcoming. To see who is talking about #dmtweetup, check us out on Twemes.

With each event that takes place, our group grows larger and larger. Contrary to what some people have said, I’ve got to say that Des Moines really is a happening place for technology-minded folk.

The conversations taking place daily on Twitter are keeping me on top of my game and stirring up good, insightful conversations. It can only keep getting better.

Also, if you’re looking to get in on this crazy #dmtweetup action, RSVP for the Pirillo Meetup tomorrow night in Altoona.

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  1. Rich Drake says:

    Thanks for the great plug. I think ingenious may be stretching it a bit but I’ll take it.
    Thanks again
    Rich @richdrake

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