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Die, Outlook! Die! Die! Die!

The title of this post pays tribute to Tom Foremski’s post on SiliconValleyWatcher, a topic I’ll dig into another time.

As part of my own guidelines around websites, domain names and email addresses, you can never have too many. Having several domain names helps to protect your livelihood and your brand on the web, while having multiple email addresses to tie to those domains builds trust amongst your recipients. But what happens when you try to manage it all? Chaos. Ands lots of hair-pulling.

Before I finish this story, let’s start with how it begins. Earlier this week I Tweeted to my Twitter followers looking for a reliable, all-encompassing, web-based email client. My criteria was that the interface needed to be user-friendly, it HAD to be accessible from anywhere with an internet connection and it had to be able to handle lots of different email addresses effectively. And why was I looking for such an interface when I have Microsoft Outlook? BECAUSE.

The solution to my problem was suggested by @webboy, a local Des Moines Tweep I’ve met through the DM TweetUp events, and it was Google Apps. Google explains that Google Apps for your domain (GAFYD) bundles several “applications including Gmail, Google Talk, Google Calendar and Google Docs.” If you own your own domain, you can sign up for the FREE version of GAFYD and create a central organizing point for your business, school or organization.

I filled out my details and went to work right away with my Dosovo domain. After firing up the GAFYD version of Gmail, all I had to do was load my various POP3 email accounts and I was up in running in under 15 minutes.

The process went very smoothly and I’d recommend Google’s GAFYD product to anyone looking to consolidate their mess of email addresses into an easy-to-use, web-based client.

In addition to consolidating multiple email addresses into one central space online, GAFYD helps mobilize all of those old emails sitting in Outlook on your machine AND makes them searchable with Gmail’s inbox search feature (which blows Outlook Inbox search out of the water). What more could you ask for?

For more on GAFYD, check out the Technorati tag and Zoli’s Blog (which I used as a step-by-step guide for loading my archived mail into Gmail.)

3 Responses to “Die, Outlook! Die! Die! Die!”

  1. The entire Google Apps collection is just so well built. I use it for work even though it isn’t a sanctioned/supported email client. Shhhh. Don’t tell anyone.

  2. I didn’t realize I could run Google Apps on my own domain. I might have to look into this.

  3. Sinan says:

    Google Apps is great. Never loose another document because you formated your PC and whatnot. I love their calendar. I actually use the calendar to keep track of my money. Type in what and where I spent on what day and it’s perfect.

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