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Second Des Moines TweetUp is a Success

Last night I hung out with the local social media crowd at the second Des Moines TweetUp. Sixteen Tweeps gathered at the Court Ave Brewing Company in downtown Des Moines and tried their best to put faces to avatars and Twitter handles. I had met a few of the guys before, but this event brought nearly triple the attendance of the first.

The full attendee list included: Mike Sansone @mikesansone, Nathan Wright @nathantwright, Andy Brudtkuhl @abrudtkuhl, Jake Kerber @jakekerber, Scott Phillips @scottatdrake, Brooke @brookenp, Chris Punke @chrispunke, Tim Fisher @timfisher, Rob Glazebrook @robbyg , Haley @haleyelizabeth, Chris Harris @charris1980, Robert Jensen @Jensenrf, Aaron Webb @webboy, Jeremy Harrington @jharr and George Christ @gchrist.

The TweetUp was a great way to expand my local network of social media and tech friends. I spent a good deal of time today trying to get my follower/following list straightened in Twitter after meeting all the new joinees. The insight, recommendations and feedback that I get from this group is reason enough to stay involved, but I envision my relationship with this group growing into something even more beneficial.

I’m already looking forward to the next event (which is rumored to be at Nathan’s new office space) and will post an update when the group comes up with a date.

UPDATE: Others are talking about this TweetUp too.

2 Responses to “Second Des Moines TweetUp is a Success”

  1. Jake Bouma says:

    I would have been there, but I was out of town. Maybe the next one…

  2. Nice to see you again, Mike. I’m glad I was able to stay for more than ten minutes this time!

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